Soort project
                  Woonhuis - Marmelal Portugal
                   gegevens project  

                  Nieuwbouw van een woonhuis in het noorden van Portugal, op een berg met uitzicht over de rivier de Douro.


                  - maximale benutting van de landschappelijke kwaliteiten van de locatie

                  - gebruik van functionele en architectonische componenten uit de traditionele Portugese architectuur

                  - vloeiende continuiteit in de ruimtelijkheid van het interieur

                  - toepassing van eenvoudige plaatselijke materialen en technieken

                  Onze opdrachtgevers lieten dit huis bouwen als vakantiehuis, maar het beviel ze zo goed dat ze er permanent zijn gaan wonen.


                  On this beautiful site with a spectacular view over the river Douro in northern Portugal, in a remote area famous for its Port-grapes, our Dutch clients wanted to build a modern, spacious and playful holiday retreat. Local regulations however set strict rules which would produce a very traditional building (e.g. slanted roofs with tiles, white plastered walls, dark vertical window-frames).

                  A study of Portuguese traditional architecture provided us with the necessary different functional-formal components. To be able to assimilate the desired modern functions these traditional components went through processes of transformation. They were arranged in a spiral around a vertical nucleus which supplies the functional-technical support (ventilation, heating, running water, drains, chimney).

                  We made use of spaces between these components to open up the house with windows, doors, skylights and a balcony, which also provides the bathroom with an open view and connects the bedroom and the living visually. Around the house terraces, some covered, others not, supply plenty of space for outdoor living regardless of the weather.

                  The result is a house of spatial continuity, existing of discernible elements that form a unity in their diversity. Made with simple techniques and local materials, it fits very well in its surroundings.